Scientific Scope and aim


The main goal of this international conference is to present and discuss some of the less-explored and emerging issues in the field of photovoltaic energy with the focus on flexible thin film solar cells. Namely, recent advances, problems and prospects in developing and implementation of flexible photovoltaic materials which may compete with traditional ones. This includes also the viewpoint of applications in different challenging problems such as advanced photovoltaic materials and devices, organic and hybrid third- and next generation solar cells, environmental and innovation aspects of photovoltaic energy.

The conference will bring together scientists from different countries working at front edge to discuss new developments in the basic science photovoltaics, as well as new trends in its practical applications and technology development. The top scientific level will be ensured by the selection of world-renowned invited speakers, key players in the respective PV technology. Their interest to accept the invitation and to attend such a PV-focused conference without parallel sessions can be anticipated due its interdisciplinary character and the opportunity to network with peers covering the broad spectrum of PV technologies. Thus, ample space for scientific exchange and cross-fertilization is guaranteed. The conference also will facilitate scientific discussions and exchange between senior and young participants. We plan to start each session with an overview talk on the particular topic. This should enable young researchers to follow also the talks that deal with new developments in the field.

We will also give special attention to topics that represent challenging problem: Development of photovoltaic energy in energy sector of Central Asia. Since the region is one of the areas with large number of sunny days, solar energy has huge unrealized potential for all countries of the region.